Information Technology
Information technology coursework at Woodward teaches students to engage with and utilize technology. Students gain valuable insights about the inner workings of computers and electronics, programming, and the use of a variety of professional software applications. Students are asked to consider the bigger picture – the social, cultural and ethical challenges of the digital age, where technology blends with humanity,

Middle School: The Middle School curriculum is designed to teach students to be competent, responsible creators when using technology. The Microsoft Office Suite, which is important for academic studies. They also produce projects in fields such as: circuits, 3d design and printing, program writing, and Lego robotics.

Upper School: The Upper School curriculum builds on the foundations laid in middle school by giving students more advanced work in elctronics and coding, and app development.

The library provides computers open to students throughout the day. Technology classes take place in our Computer Lab. All computers are up to date, with  current operating systems and professional software. Filtered Internet access is provided to our students so they may research class papers, work on projects, and use email for research and homework safely. The school provides Microsoft 365 accounts to all students. Students may bring in their own laptop computers and other Internet connected devices.

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The Woodward School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and is a member of the Association of Independent Schools in New England, and the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools. 
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