The Woodward School's Middle and Upper Schools prepare young women to be capable, confident, compassionate and engaged as they approach the complex and diverse challenges they will face after graduation. Woodward offers a college preparatory curriculum dedicated to a strong foundation in sound learning skills, academic knowledge, intellectual growth, and creative thinking and expression. Woodward’s curriculum endeavors to teach students to become discriminating, responsible, independent thinkers, fluent communicators, and self-reliant lifelong learners. We expect students to work hard, to stretch themselves academically and personally, as they discover they can do more than at first seems possible. We prepare our graduates to respect themselves and others, and to understand the value of a great education, and the obligation to use it to contribute to society.
Woodward’s graduation requirements are directed to college preparation through a thoughtful, balanced course of study. Students in the Upper School may pursue deeper academic interests through Advanced Placement courses and Independent Study. Please contact our addissions office if you have additional questions about the academic requirements at The Woodward School.